Sep 30, 2014

Copic Coloring Day 5 Practice Sheets

Hello Friends,
Today I'm sharing  the Copic Coloring Sheet which I colored in a few days back, but couldn't post about it. Well Day #5 of Copic Coloring Class was all about Coloring Humans.. Skin, Hair & their Clothing and Boy was I excited to lay my hands on them !!
Yes I was.....
It was fun seeing so many tips & techniques by the teachers and the way they colored Humans/Dolls with so much ease to sheer Perfection. Each one had their own ways to do it.. which made it even more exciting & fun !

Here's what I came up with.. and I'm kinda happy with it..but yes I do have to practice a whole lot to be able to improve further !

Thank You Wonderful Teachers.... Kathy & Sandy for the wonderful Tutorials !

Thank You All for stopping by,
Come back for the Next Practice Sheet Reveal !!
Riti :o)

Sep 26, 2014

Day 4 of Online Card Class Learning Copic Coloring

Hello Friends,
I'm back again with my practice sheet for Day 4 of Copic Class taught by some super talented teachers like Sandy Allnock , Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Werner & others.
Well today we were taught a little bit about the Lighting & Shadows..which I seem to always struggle with. With tonnes of practice I know I will improve upon my coloring abilities.
But for now I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know my Copic Markers.

Check out my Practice Sheet.. (Since I had this awesome Clearly Besotted Stamp set I din't take a computer Print out..instead I stamped it using my Tuxedo Black Memento Ink which works best with the Copic Markers)

I still have a Long Way to go !! 
But am happy practicing for now !!

Happy Coloring,

Sep 25, 2014

Online Card Class Learning Copics Day 3

Hello Crafty Peeps..
Well it's been so much fun learning so much about using your Copic Markers.
And today we learnt about shading & adding depth by a touch of Grays..
I am simply loving it !!
Here's what I practiced using my Grays...for the extra depth !

I practiced a little more of 2 color and 3 color blending.. It's so much fun playing with colors !!

Stay Tuned while I come back with more practice sheets !!
Thanks for stopping by !


Sep 24, 2014

Copic Lessons

Hello Crafty Peeps,
I know I have been MIA cuz a whole lot of things that have been happening around.
Well I had always been wanting to take these awesome Online Cardmaking Classes by Jennifer McGuire & Kristina Werner and when they announced a Copic Class I just had to register at that very minute & I'm glad I did !!

Well here's a Color Chart that I made using all the shades I had and trust me this is a BIG Help !!


Day #1
It started with Blending 2/3 colors. It was really nice to watch 3 teachers working in different ways to color the same images with 2/3 color blending. It was definitely worth it !!
Here's a picture of my Practice Sheet of Day #1 with balloons & presents !
All these images were provided to us in class !



Day #2
It focused on different ways to blend the colors !!
It was just so much fun watching the lovely teachers share their tricks !!
So much to learn !!
Here's what I came up with... I have a Long long way to go...
Just a beginner !

I can't stop coloring these cute images...
waiting for Day #3 Lessons !!
Keep coming back for more pics & info !!

Happy Coloring !!

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