Dec 26, 2011

Merry Christmas To ALL !!

Christmas to me means..............

Birth Of The Lord's Son - Jesus !!

Mother Mary with Baby Jesus !!!

 We often forget, the reason why we celebrate Christmas... Lets wish A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LORD JESUS !!
Happy Birthday Jesus....

The Christmas Tree, which we all look forward to Decorating it every single year with loads of goodies. Under which we keep the Gifts for all.


Christmas Carols which is sung by the Old & Young....
Who doesn't love GIFTS....WE ALL DO !!!! Especially the kids...who are super excited to know what Santa Got them....

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All the Way !! which Santa fills Goodies for Everyone !! So let's keep them ready for him...
Buche de Noel is one of many traditional cakes baked at Christmas. As the name suggests, it is of French origin. The name of this recipe literally translates as "Christmas log," referring to the traditional Yule log burned centuries past.The Yule Log Cakes... Yummy Cakes..loved by all.....  A speciality during this Season.

The bauble is one of the most popular Christmas ornament which is used to decorate the Christmas Trees.

Around Christmas Day many People Old and Young are found to wear these cute 'Santa Hats' & roam around the city...feeling nice & Happy. Gives it a Christmasy Feeling.... While in crowds all you can see is Red Santa Hat clad heads popping up and a sight to see.....

represents Jesus who is the light of the world and who guides us from all the darkness of the world. The light signifies the path of life. The candle represents spirituality, devotion, faith, longing, and the life devoted to a single, generally spiritual passion or 
aspiration. It symbolizes the passing years of a human life as it slowly melts away. Because of their phallic shape, candles were commonly used in marriage and fertility rites. In these rites they may represent the innocence of virgins. It was customary during the middle age to light one large candle on the Christmas Eve both at church and at home to represent the star of Bethlehem. It was said that the candle represents the newborn Christ. 

Christmas pudding is a pudding traditionally served on Christmas Day (December 25). It is sometimes known as plum pudding or plum duff,though this can also refer to other kinds of boiled pudding involving dried fruit.

They are a staple during Christmas dinner and a gift generally exchanged between business associates and close friends/family.

Every new snowflake comes to the earth
as a picture of our Saviour’s birth,
because they are sent from up above
and remind us of God’s care and love.
Each one is so intricate and small
because Christ sees the details of us all,
and just as two are never the same
the Lord knows and calls us each by name.
Snowflakes gently cover the world in white
and hide what’s unlovely from our sight,
showing us how He covers our sin
and gives us His grace when we come to Him.
So may every snowflake bring Christ to mind
and in every bit of white may you find
a reason to celebrate anew
and a reminder of His love for you.

The Different Scenes, people, Objects etc inside the water and artificial snowflake- filled globe looks even more pretty. It's often used as an christmas tree ornament and also as gifts for family & friends.

It's a well-documented fact that very first snowman was made in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on January 7, 1809 by a Mr. Vernon N. Paul and his nine-year-old daughter, little Yetty Paul. According to Mr. Paul, he told his daughter that the snowman was intended to frighten away the Boxing Day elves. (Popular legend said Boxing Day Elves reclaimed Christmas presents.) Once the Paul family's neighbors saw the snowman, and little Yetty explained to her friends how easy it was to make (and no doubt, how effective it was at keeping the Boxing Day elves away), children all over the town were making snowmen.

They are used typically as Christmas decorations.
Traditionally, the wreath is made of four candles in a circle of evergreens with a fifth candle in the middle. Three candles are violet and the fourth is rose, but four white candles or four violet candles can also be used. Each day at home, the candles are lighted, perhaps before the evening meal-- one candle the first week, and then another each succeeding week until December 25th. A short prayer may accompany the lighting of each candle. The last candle is the middle candle. The lighting of this candle takes place on Christmas Eve. It represents Jesus Christ being born.

The poinsettia with its star shaped foliage pattern has been connected with the Star of Bethlehem shining at the birth of Jesus. The poinsettia's blood red leaves symbolize the blood sacrificed for love of God. Scriptural events connected with the poinsetta include the deaths of the Holy Innocents, babies killed by King Herod madly in search of Jesus as well as the Jesus' death and crucifixion (all four gospels).

The Legend of the Christmas Cookie tells a tender story of giving---not just cookies, but gifts of the heart that last forever.


Santa Claus - St. Nicholas Claus / Father Christmas.

Santa Claus was a saint and saints involuntarily carried bliss in their beings. They spread happiness around, which is ideal in the case of Santa. He's a Favourite amongst children all over the world. They have been made to believe that a Red Suit Clad, pot bellied man with a long white beard brings a Big Red Bag Filled with toys, clothes, chocolates for them. They Try & be good throughout the year to be in Santa's Good Kid's List.

The Holly Plant represents Immortality.
It represents the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. The Red Berries represents the blood shed by him.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a reindeer with a glowing red nose. He is popularly known as "Santa's 9th Reindeer" and, when depicted, is the lead reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. The luminosity of his nose is so great that it illuminates the team's path through inclement winter Weather.  

The Mid-Night Mass :
One component of the Christmas celebration that has long been tradition and holds special meaning to celebrants is the Midnight Mass.
Churches all around the world hold four different Christmas celebrations, including three masses and a Christmas vigil. The Midnight Mass is perhaps the most cherished. Mass, a Christian liturgical rite that often involves the sacrament of the Eucharist, may begin prior to midnight and include Biblical readings that focus on the story of Christ's birth depending on the church. At midnight on December 24, carols may be sung and the ringing of church bells to signify the birth of Christ as December 25 arrives. In Israel, a procession takes place from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. In the Catholic Pope's home of Vatican City, the Pope himself heads the Midnight Mass and people in large numbers pray for peace among mankind.

Thank You Friends for Taking a look at this post. I enjoyed doing this post. It's what I personally feel about Christmas... Looking forward to Next Year's X-Mas Celebrations. I loved playing Santa to my 2 little Nieces (6 yrs & 2 yrs). They were thrilled to get their Gifts & a Letter from Santa. 
HO HO HO !!!
Have a Safe & Merry One...
Happy Holidays to One  &  All !


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