Mar 12, 2013

Craft Shopping and Cleaning Frenzy !!

Hi Friends..
Lately I've been on a Craft Shopping Spree... Bought tonnes & tonnes of goodies from Shalini (Crafters Corner) and Priya Sivaraj (Color Conceptions Craft Store).
here are some pics of my New Goodies..

Also My Craft Room was in a Mess !! A terrible one Indeed.... and I just couldn't find anything to save my life...and finally I took the plunge to clean & Re-arrange it.
I managed to clean & throw out a whole lotta unwanted stuff...and made space for some new Goodies. Just a little bit of arranging is left, which I'll do during this week,
Will post pics soon ...of my Craft Room, which I fondly call 'My Heaven' !!


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