Aug 16, 2013

An Altered Candle for Crafter's Corner Screen !

Hi Friends,
I'm Riti Poddar & am here again to share a New Project with you all. I will soon be uploading a  have uploaded Video - Picture Tutorial on our Crafter's Corner Screen Channel on Youtube.... But I just thought of showing you all what I came up with while the Video is Uploading. Well since past 10 days my Mojo was no where to be found...I was just so lost, couldn't decide on what to make.. I had 10,000 ideas brimming in my mind..tried most of them but wasn't too happy with the results. But then suddenly my eyes fell upon a Plane White Candle in my room and I just wanted to give it a New Look...and here's what I turned it into !!

I hope you all like's the Link to the Video !! Please leave a comment/suggestion/queries below the video in the comment section...

Happy Crafting,

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